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In this issue we would like to give you a brief introduction to iNsight - our interactive, on-line support tool that can provide numerous training and support documents bespoke to you and your requirements.

Also, we have improved our product summary guides. These are now available on our website for all Selden branded products. Aesthetically, more appealing and better formatted to convey all the essential information. Test summary certificates are also available in a similar, sharper format.

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tailoring support and training to the customers needs..

iNsight is our umbrella - under which we present a whole host of tools with the intention of providing our distributors and end users bespoke support packages.

COSHH+ is fully integrated into iNsight. COSHH+ is a unique offering in our industry. Having defined a cleaning locations, the user specifies which products are in use. This is achieved via a simple selection tool. Once all required products are specified a single click of the mouse creates a full training kit; handouts for the operators, safety notices, wallcharts etc. All of which are specific to the site. The training kit focuses on the hazards, risks and procedures relating to the products in use. Of course, information regarding the full spectrum of hazards and risks is provided, but emphasis is placed on the safe use of the chemicals the operative will be using.

custom wallcharts - cleaning area

COSHH+ takes care of the initial training and/or induction - ensuring the cleaning staff have a sound understanding of both COSHH and the products to be used. However, gentle reminders are always beneficial! iNsight allows the creation of notices relating to hazards, required PPE and best practice. In addition, colourful and information area wallcharts can be rendered.

advanced task management

For those users wanting even more operator guidance, iNsight incorporates an advanced task management section. This requires the user to specify which tasks any given product is used for on their site(s). By providing this additional information (with the option of specifying frequency of the cleaning task), the system can create bespoke job cards, a cleaning schdeule and step-by-step wallcharts. The task names, decsriptions, images and even additional task notes are all completely customisable. The user can even upload their own photographs and company logos to be included on the various documents.

what else?!

iNsight can also be considered as a document library. It presents a simple index for your cleaning locations, the associated products, MSDS documents, decanting labels and more.

A quick guide to iNsight can be found via the link below. Alternatively, visit http://www.selden.co.uk/insight and experience it for yourself. It is entirely free of charge and only requires a brief registration process before you can assccess all of iNsights functions.

download iNsight Overview pdf »

A user guide to is available for download.

download quick start user guide »

Ready to use iNsight? .




InlineThe new Selden product guides are available now via our websites. Their improved format is optomised for onscreen and printed output.

Each guide provides a quick snapshot of all the key information relating to any given Selden product. The summary contains basic product information (name, code, description), application suitability, hazard and ppe requirements, technical data and environmental profile. Ideal as a quick reference tool or even as a sales / training aid.

The product guide is joined by a new Test Certificate Summary, listing a product's bactericidal and/or virucidal efficiacy test results.

These guides are created 'on demand' so every time you download you can be sure that this is the latest and most accurate information available.


A pdf summary for our new product guides and test summaries is available via the link below.

download Product Guide information pdf »


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